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Our EcoBin is part of our 'Thrive with Trash' initiative.

This ingenious invention will gobble up your trash and give you an Organic Fertilizer to boot while ultimitely setting you on your way to convert all Biodegradable Trash (which could be upto 80 % of your household's waste) to Compost. 

How do we get there ?

  • Segregation of Green/Biodegradable Waste and Non - Biodegradable Waste in your kitchen.

  • Transferring Green Waste to your EcoBin and sprinkling it with the BioIgnitor provided by us.

  • Harvesting Organic Fertilizer after 7-10 days at first from the tap and then subsequently after every 3-4 days. 

  • Layering the degraded trash in a bin after 45 days with soil/mitti to create compost.



Following is what all you CAN put in your EcoBin :


  • Vegetable and Fruit Peels
  • Egg Shells and Tea Leaves
  • Waste Rice , Bread , Chapati/Roti
  • Bones and Cooked Vegetables (if less masala)
Following is what all you CANNOT put in your EcoBin :


  • Plastic , Metal , Glass , Paper 
  • Garden Waste 
  • Any liquids ( Water, Dals )

NOTE : Fix the tap and check the EcoBin for any leaks by filling with water if any are found please refit the tap.
Anything you add in the EcoBin should be smaller then the size of a cricket ball any large additions must be chopped to smaller pieces . 
Use a single sheet of newspaper to separate layers of trash everyday.

Happy Composting !!

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